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Sensory room in Lviv

Sensory room in Lviv

“We have created a little paradise, where everything unobtrusively makes you forget about fears, helps children overcome negative emotions, increased aggression, hyperactivity, and also stimulates the activity of a child with low motivation to learn,” child psychiatrist Lydia Shilic said in a commentary to PravdaTURE Lviv.

A sensory room for children with developmental disorders has been opened in Lviv. The Lviv Regional Psychoneurological Dispensary was equipped with equipment worth almost 500 thousand UAH.

Benefactors from Turkey helped with this and purchased equipment for placement in the sensory room.

Thus, we created an environment conducive to the development of all the child’s senses; a powerful tool for expanding horizons, as well as sensory development, which contributes to children’s rehabilitation.

Now, the Interactive floor and the Briolite panel are installed there.

Parents notice that children’s presence in such an interactive environment produces positive results.

For children with disabilities, assistance is provided free of charge.